Gypsy Hart was danced to reality to re-ignite a lifelong exploration of motivation; trying on different lives before free falling in to the unknown.  This space was create to write, speak, and wax poetry from the imagination of the soul.  
Bridging spirituality, psychology, and nature, this community explores what living in a higher vibrancy means, mapping subconscious connection between beliefs, core injuries, the hidden parts of self, intuition, natural cycles of life, the body’s somatic response, the possibilities of living in unknown, and the fear of uncertainty through rambles and stories in the articles and on the podcast "The Other Side with Gypsy Hart".
What's the point?
"Empowerment through disempowerment."
By storytelling and hearing others sing their song, the community explores how to unlock courage through awareness; disentangling patterns and conquering the fear of meeting your inner self to live every day with passion and a more joy filled life.  
"Empowerment begins when we fearlessly embrace the journey within." 

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Diving deep into what it is to inspire others to "get to know themselves at such an intimate level that they are smacked in the soul with the pain of their experiences, in order to ultimately embrace the potential of a path made of their secret dreams".
At the heart of this mission is the commitment to unravel the mysteries of living with less scowling and more howling (in laughter!). The purpose is rooted in inspiring others to admit the deepest, darkest, filthiest parts of themselves to in turn come to love the brilliance of themselves and leap towards the incredibly wonderful possibilities on the other side. 
Gypsy Hart's stories bring to life how the day to day is so greatly influenced by our experiences; inspiring others to begin to notice the thoughts and patterns fueling choices.  Through this witnessing of self, is the beginning of an untaming of the subconscious, rewiring energetic injuries, and a curious exploration in to how to expand into courage, joy, and freedom.
This space is a rhythmic map of raw self-exploration: unpolished, unrestricted and unrefined.