Danita Harty slowly danced Gypsy Hart to reality after her journey back to life from her own rock bottom – sparking an already lifelong exploration of turning her heavy to her light. Danita is a guide, writer, creator, and speaker.
As a bridge between psychology, spirituality, and nature, Danita guides subconscious connection between beliefs, core wounds, intuition, and the body’s psychosomatic response.  She will guide and sit with people as they journey to their fire, to meet their shadow, the negative beliefs of the inner self, and actualize the bliss of true cognitions & inner spirit.
She guides you to "feel the suppressed pain of rage, grief, fear, and anger that has been stopping you from being who you want to be, that is wired within the subconscious and nervous system and are acting as blocks to becomming who you truly are."  
As she puts it: “feeling is the way to expansion and transformation.  I am here to guide and sit with you as you feel with intensity the joy, the sorrow and the beauty life has thrown at you."

Danita’s purpose?
Empowerment by disempowering core wounds that have left the marking of fear, grief, rage, and sadness in order to connect with their inner fire and expand in to their purpose. 






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Danita's training and PhD candidacy in relationship identity, master's degree of arts in counseling psychology, EMDR and brain spotting training along with the trauma healing immersion on inherited family wounds, primal therapy, shadow work, family systems, conscious relationship, somatic healing, and personal experiences in plant medicines and body nourishment (nutrition) inform a holistic approach to self-awareness, expansion, transformation, and higher spiritual connection. She has formally trained in plant and empathogen medicine through ATMA and also connected spiritually to train under the shamanic lens.  
But what about the inner her?
In my family, talking about the hard stuff was met with a scared kind of look in the eye.  We were more of a smile big and just be happy kind of family.  My secret curiosity about sex, inner fears, wounded thoughts, deep grief, health, and overall thoughts of not being good enough were met with blank stares and comments like "I want to help but have no idea how".  
In my 20 and 30s, I dipped my toes in restoring my femininity, exploring awareness, consciousness, studying it, earning degrees in it, and working with others along the way. 
I researched, learned, and navigated the emotions and beliefs that held me captive. I travelled to India, Indonesia, Europe, Central America, South America studying healing techniques, was a PhD candidate (before shifting gears to a more spiritual lens), a therapist, a yogi guide, a meditation teacher, and ALWAYS a student. 
I have found purpose and joy in writing, guiding, healing, creating, curating spaces, and developing ideas.
I love helping women cry. I reallllly do. When they cry, the deep belly cry that lets out every ounce of pain or joy, I smile, because I know the journey has begun.
And I’m so happy for them.  I'm honored to sit with them.
I have trained in transpersonal work, inner-child work, primal therapy, EMDR, brain spotting, reprocessing of emotions, ancestral wounds, family systems, and somatic healing. Every couple of months, I love myself by gathering wisdom along the way by going for a tune-up.
My offerings today are influenced by the early childhood beliefs born and conditioned, the truths and lies we learn along the way, and the desire to expand upon our awareness and consciousness by disempowering life's events that play like a tapeloop in our mind - reprocessing huge painful emotions life fear, grief, and anger.  
For me, feeling is healing, connecting is healing, letting us be seen and held by others is healing.
Once we gain awareness, we gain a responsibility to make a choice, stay the course or change. It really starts there. 
I am not a spiritual guru, a doctor or an expert. I have a Master’s in Counseling Psychology and in a previous life was a member of the College of Alberta Psychologists in Canada.
I am guided and am a guide.  I am a wounded healer.
I offer guided journeys, ceremonies of self-discovery and spirituality, and intensives.
Together, we prepare, journey, and integrate the missing pieces you discover.  
I offer rhythmic maps to people wanting to explore and heal their relationship with themselves, their partner, their children (parents/ friends), their body, mind, womb, inner child, power, sex, creativity, pleasure and passion. 
**Please inquire for your personal journey preferences.      
Together, we embark on transformational inner-work to heal life-long belief patterns and restore your relationship with self, the body, the spirits, nature, and others.  
We grieve from divorce to death - and celebrate the joys of life.  
Between Canada, Costa Rica, and a van on the open road with my family, I founded Gypsy Hart after noticing a need for open and nurturing information surrounding untaming and rewiring the subconscious and how the lies we tell ourselves and the inner wounds are expressed in our actions, physical health, and emotional well-being.